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Kitchen Saver Bundle

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Kitchen Food Saver Bundle


How often does your food in the kitchen go rotten?

Sometimes we forget it’s even there, and then it goes straight in the bin.


With our new Kitchen Saver Bundle, these possibilities will be a thing of the past! Everything in this pack is made from silicone, so it’s all eco-friendly, just waiting to help you AND the environment.


What exactly comes in the bundle?

    • Two of our silicone Zip & Go bags (1000mL & 1500mL)! The versatility of these beauties is remarkable, allowing you to prepare for juices, marinate meats and veggies, have an on-the-go snack bag or even just for storing your leftovers! Once the zip has been slid on, the bags are airtight, keeping all your food as fresh as ever.

    • Next we have the Keepin’ it Fresh Set, or as we like to call them, ‘food huggers’. These little guys gently but firmly wraps around all kinds of fruit and veg to maintain their freshness.

    • Lastly we have our very popular Silicone Stretch Lids. These bad boys come in a variety of 6 circular sizes, but dont let the circles fool you, they can fit around almost anything, including square and rectangular dishes, plates, bowls, cups, fruit, vegetables and more. Their airtight seal keeps your food fresher for much longer. Sizes: 6.5cm, 9.5cm, 11.5cm, 14.5cm, 16.5cm and 21cm in diameter. 


So why not do yourself a favour and grab a bundle? It’ll not only save money wasted on all the food that goes to waste, but the environment will be thanking you dearly! #howgood


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