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5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Daily Landfill Contribution

You Need To Sort Your trash.




A lot of people pop in their milk containers, egg carton and newspaper in the recycling, which is great don’t get me wrong, but there is so much more we can recycle. If you are ever hesitant about what you can or can recycle, check out RecycleSmart for a clearer indication, as well as pickups of soft plastics, electrical and other appliances your not sure how to dispose.


Here's where you can start:

 1. Yellow Bin Recycling

  • Hard plastics 
  • Paper, newspaper and magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Toilet rolls
  • Cans
  • Water bottles
  • Vitamin jars
  • Glass bottles
  • Yogurt tubs
  • Tin foil (scrunch up in a big ball)
If you place contaminated recycling into the bin, (for example some yogurt has spilt through your bin) when the binman comes to pick up your bin, it will be tossed in with all the other recycling and it will contaminate all of the other recycling which will mean that it will end up in landfill. 


This is something that not a lot of people know about, but it's true unfortunately and that is why a lot of recycling is discarded into landfills, however, if we all make sure we take caution with recycling, it will lead to wider successful recycling.


2. Soft Plastic Recycling


RedCycle are an absolute saviour when it comes to soft plastics!

They have helped us solve that landfill problem of being able to only recycle hard plastics!

They recycle any plastics that you can scrunch.

From chip packets, to plastic bags.

  • Soft clear plastic packaging
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic produce bags
  • Plastic food packaging eg. Peas, rice, bread bags, chocolate/sweet wrappers

Same as regular recycling, ensure that all the soft plastics are free from contamination, so remove any crumbs, oils and ensure they are dry aswell to avoid any mould forming. 

So instead of popping your soft plastics in the bin to head off to landfill and never be seen again, give them a second life, and recycle them.


  1. Collect them: have one big soft plastics bag, this can be a big kibble bag or a soft plastic bag that an appliance has arrived in, and fill it to the brim with soft plastics
  2. Drop them off or get them picked up: Drop off locations are at most Woolworths and Coles or you can get your plastics picked up from your front door with RecycleSmart. That’s it!

3. Bottles

Return and Earn!

Recognisably one of the best incentives that the Government has put in place for our waste management within our communities.

We are so lucky that we even get rewarded for returning our bottles!

So if you’re a family that has a lot of bottles at the end of the week, why not make a quick buck out of it?

Take all of your bottles down (plastic and glass) to your nearest facility and you can receive money back off your next shop.

 Honestly, this is such a great initiative, with people all over being able to make money off collecting bottles whilst also helping clean up the environment, it’s a WIN WIN!

Click HERE to see where your closest Return and Earn facility is.


4. Organic Waste

Organic waste is easily solved, have a compost.

I know I know, composts seem outdated.

That’s what I thought too, BUT, they are so damn exciting.

Maybe it's just me being a weird bug loving girl, but I love the fact that all our food scraps can end up in one big worm-soil-tumbling machine and it's gone! 

Not to mention the fact that you are reducing your greenhouse gases (see Composting Blog), but you are feeding worms and also making some nutrient-rich soil topper for your garden!

Honestly, it's a massive WIN WIN!


5. Everything else:

  • Batteries
  • Charger cords
  • Old phones
  • Appliances
  • Clothes
  • Wiring
  • Computers
  • Literally any "Ewaste"

Use Recycle Smart ….. Lifesavers!

Whilst there are specific places you can recycle your old phones and old batteries, Recycle Smart have made it 1000x easier to help you do it all at once and without hassle.


How It Works:

  1. Keep odd items to one side (I keep a bag filled with old cables or batteries in the garage)
  2. When its full, simply book a pick up
  3. They come straight to your door and pick up your misfits
  4. Once collected, they sort it, clean it and send it off to the right facility,

Click Here's to book a pick up for your household.


With there being a solution for your hard plastics, soft plastics, organic waste, and e-waste, you will find a MASSIVE reduction in your daily household waste, I'd even be surprised if you have to empty the bin before the bin man comes! 

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