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Ten Things You Can Do Today To Kick-Start Your Plastic Free July

These tips have been extracted from my new favourite book "Quitting Plastic" by Clara Williams Roldan and Louise Williams, a great read, especially to get you motivated for Plastic Free July. 

  1. Make A Resolution. Make the decision to make an effort in reducing your plastic and promise to yourself your going to start making a conscious effort.
  2. Buy A Metal Water Bottle And Start Using Tap Water Instead Of Bottled Water. With the blessing of living in a developed country where even the taps on the side of the road have drinkable water, we have no reason as Australians to buy bottles of plastic water. As I have mentioned previously, bottled water has been proven to contain microplastics (blog coming up next month on this!)
  3. Stash Some Reusable Bags In Some Handy Places. Stashing your reusable shopping bags along with your GGCo. cotton produce bags in some handy places where you won't forget them - behind your seat in the car, in the boot, or in your basket/trolley that you take to the shops.
  4. Start Using Your Keep Cups, Again! And if you don't have one, get one. During COVID a lot of cafes stopped accepting them, however, cafes are accepting them once again, if they are handling cash it generally means they will handle a Keep Cup. If you forget your keep cup, you can just sit down and enjoy your coffee 'in house' and enjoy it from a warm ceramic cup! You can also log into "Responsible Cafes" website and see where a café near you will offer a monetary incentive for using your Keep Cup.
  5. Say No To plastic Straws And Balloons. Both of these items are ALWAYS found during beach cleans, they provide convenience for only a short time yet they punish wildlife and nature longer than our life time. Try using some easy eco and funky alternatives for party decorations here and some plastic straw alternatives here.
  6. Give Up Liquid Soap. Soap bars work just as well and last a lot longer and generally come wrapped in paper. This one just makes sense. 
  7. Swap And Stop The Cling Wrap. Cling wrap has zero excuses to be used, with the alternatives out there now, it has no need. With the combination of beeswax wraps and silicone stretch lids, you'll be covered for all needs varying from carrying a handful of nuts to keeping your leftovers fresh.
  8. Bake A Batch Of Cookies! Yes Ploise! Sugar, butter, flour and eggs are all available in cardboard and paper packaging, so get cracking (pardon the pun) and treat yourself for starting your venture into a more plastic-free way of living!
  9. Eat Ice Cream From The Cone. Easy, just say no to the cup and plastic spoon and eat the ultimate plastic-free packaging they have to offer (the yummy cone).
  10. Pick Up A Few Pieces Of Plastic Every Day. If you are out and about and don’t come across a single piece of plastic I will be shooketh and I won't believe you. Even in a Australia where littering is frowned upon and people are caring and conscious of the environment, plastic still gets out! Every little bit you pick up off the streets means less washing into the waterways, so don't think its too small to matter! 


Well, I hope these tips have been helpful, even you come away just wanting to bake cookies and eat ice cream you have still made the effort to read, learn and grow your knowledge. 

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