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The Story Behind The Greater Goods Co.

Welcome to our *NEW* blog section!!
At The Greater Goods Collective we have decided to start creating some blogs filled with mind-blowing facts, knowledge, tips, and stories on all things eco-living and the environment! (with an emphasis on the marine environment)
I'll start by setting the scene and introducing myself so you can understand my passion behind The Greater Goods Co. (I'll try to keep it concise!)
I've been very conscious of the environment from a young age.
Even when I was little I was picking up rubbish at the beach with my mum. 
In primary school, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, my love for dolphins being the sole reason at the time, but hey, I still knew my direction.
Years of little eco thoughts and traits began to strengthen my passion throughout high school. I was always inclined to pick up rubbish whenever I'd go for walks or swims, and didn't care if it was deemed 'uncool' amongst my high school peers.
High school was where I realised how much I loved the ocean and everything that lived in it. I would find myself procrastinating study by watching ocean documentaries, going for a surf, walking along the beach, or listening to online marine talks.
It was clear to me by the end of high school that I needed to study Environmental Science at University to satisfy my thirst for further knowledge and understanding.
Three years later I graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Biology with a sub-major in Marine Biology from the University of Technology Sydney.
Boy did those three years fly past, and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed Uni (I know it's rare!). I loved the content we learned - it was up to date, relevant and helpful.
Through my years at Uni I worked part-time as an Environmental Consultant for a local Sydney company, and after graduation I took a full-time position.
Working as an Environmental Consultant I found myself working in a variety of 'offices'. Some of these 'offices' included: 
  • Diving under Sydney Harbour Bridge, relocating Seahorses
  • Diving down Sydney's south coast assessing reef ecology
  • Hiking in the Blue Mountains searching for small bugs in river systems
  • Counting seagrass along the shores of Palm Beach
Environmental consultancy was an extremely rewarding job filled with constant change and excitement, however, I still felt I needed to take more action.
Through my experiences and travels, I've noticed that people and their communities are unaware of the consequences of disposable living. I realised it can be difficult to change without access to alternatives, awareness or education.

A beach clean I did in Saint Tropez, France 2019.

A beach clean I did in Cronulla, Australia 2020.

Hence why I made it my goal to provide sustainable goods, education, and easily accessible information to everyone.

The Greater Goods Co. was born.
The Greater Goods Co. turned into my side project during my full-time work as an Environmental Consultant, it was extremely hard trying to balance it all, however with the help of late nights, very early mornings, and a great workplace, it was possible.
Forwarding to the present time, The Greater Goods Co. is now in several stores, hospitality kitchens and homes throughout Australia as well as overseas and I couldn’t be more proud!
Together we are all making a colossal impact!
It's my belief that people don’t intend to hurt our environment, they are just unaware or find it difficult to make the eco switch.
The Greater Goods Co. aims to change your perspective by providing accessible information to help educate you in making sustainable decisions that not only help ourselves, but our families, community, and most importantly, our planet.
So welcome aboard this journey!
Whether you're already a committed eco-warrior or just beginning, we want you to feel encouraged and inspired!
Thankyou so much for reading our very first blog, we hope you liked it!
This was a personal one for me, however, I think it's important to know the story behind The Greater Goods Co. brand so you understand our motives, values and passion.
Much Love,
We will be releasing one blog per week, they will be short, sweet, and packed with interesting information.
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Please leave your comments below as we want to include your opinions as we shape our upcoming blogs!

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  • There is so much to content on the internet its hard to read and distinguish its legitimacy…but now knowing your background and passion, im keen to read the weekly blogs and inspired to learn.


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