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5 Tips To Shopping Plastic Free 

Buy Loose


Buying Loose fruit and veg makes all the difference. It stops you from having to get rid of that soft plastic bag along with that hard plastic tray they always seem to come in. I know a lot of the organic produce is packaged in a plastic bag which makes it hard when trying to shop organic and plastic-free, the best way around this is to try and visit local farmers' markets where you can buy straight from the farmers.


Bags Bags and more Bags


Store your reusable bags everywhere, at the front door, car door, behind your car seat, in the car boot, in your handbag, wherever suits you! But popping them in an easy and obvious place will help you remember them every time.

The first three times is the hardest, like anything, but then after that, it becomes a light habit.

A good idea is having large strong totes for the majority of your shopping along with some reusable produce bags to help you shop easily for your loose fruit and veg. If you need to keep them tucked up together, use a hair tie, scrunchie or rubber band to keep them all together in a neat bundle.

DIY tip: use an old pillowcase or old fabric to make your own shopping bags and produce bags if sowing is your thang!


Look for the alternative


When reaching for anything in plastic packaging, have a look if there's another packaging option. For example, reaching for the tub of butter, have a look if you can buy it with a paper wrapping instead of the hard plastic tub, instead of peanut butter in the plastic tub, look for the ones in the glass jars (like Mayvers! YUM) and not to mention you can reuse the jars!


Don’t Give Up On Me


If you forget your bags, don’t worry, shops nowadays are changing for the better and they are supplying alternatives, so just use one of their paper bags or reusable bags they have as an option OR ask them for a box to place all your goodies in and carry on.


Shop at a bulk store


If Bulk Stores are new to you, they are a shop that has most things from flour, chocolate and chips to loose tea and oils that you can buy in bulk form so you can bring your own containers to fill them. If you haven't tried one before, I dare you to walk into one just to have a look, I guarantee you won't be disappointed, it shows you possibilities you hadn't even thought of. Even if you go in and buy some raspberry bullets (twist my arm) just go into your local store and check it out. You can buy as little or as much as you like, that’s the beauty of it!



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